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Center for Teaching @ NVCC: CT CFT Programs and Events

Teaching With Technology Series : Summer 2020

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Join a safe, mutually-supportive, energizing environment for sharing the joys and challenges of teaching.
The Teaching Squares program provides faculty an opportunity to gain new insight into their teaching through a non-evaluative process of reciprocal classroom observation and self-reflection.  The four faculty in each “teaching square” agree to visit each other’s classes over the course of a semester and then meet to discuss what they’ve learned from their observations.

By allowing faculty to be “learners” again in their colleagues’ classes, Teaching Squares can open up unique spaces for reflection and conversation about teaching.

We follow these four basic principles:  Reciprocity and Shared Responsibility, Appreciation, Self-referential Reflections & Mutual Respect
Your TLC (RUTH) will assist with coordinating visits, but each group will determine its own schedule.  CFT will provide snacks to help host your sessions.

Contact Ruth if you are looking for people to create a teaching square (or triangle).  Ruth can help create the group, and/or you can contact Ruth if you already have a group formed that is interested in the program.

Questions, Help, Ideas?
Contact: Ruth Urbina-Lilback, Ph.D.,  CFT Teaching and Learning Consultant (TLC)