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Reserve Textbooks

Reserve Textbooks

One copy* of each course Textbook is available for NVCC students for short term (four hours) on campus use only at the 5th floor Circulation desk in L523. You must be registered with the library and sign a Textbook registration form available from the Circulation Desk. Borrowers who fail to follow these guidelines may be liable for replacement cost of the textbook and may lose borrowing privileges for the remainder of the semester.  Collateral must be left at circulation desk (e.g. keys, driver's license, student ID). The Library makes every effort to have textbooks ready for the first day of classes. They may not be available prior to, or in some cases after, the start of classes due to availability through the college bookstore.

Textbooks cannot be renewed, but students may borrow a textbook again if there are no students waiting for it. In these cases, the Library staff reserves the right to recall the textbook if another student requests it. In other words, if you take the book twice in one day, we may call you to bring it back early if other students need it. 

It is the Library's policy to ensure that as many students as possible have access to the books they need. Therefore, if you do not bring your textbook(s) back within 4 hours, you may be restricted to use textbooks exclusively IN the Library. Students who repeatedly do not return textbooks on time may lose borrowing privileges for the current semester. 

If you have a personal or financial situation that prevents you from returning textbooks within 4 hours, please speak with someone- the Circulation Supervisor, the Library Director, your advisor, the Dean of Students- whoever you feel comfortable talking to. The college has many systems in place to help students be successful, but only if you ask. 

*Occasionally more for very popular courses

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